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Located near Vernon, this design showcases a 42″ high fascia-mounted 5mm glass system with privacy glass in between each unit. Alongside, there is a 42″ picket section with five gates equipped with self-closing hinges, running along Glenmore Road, combining functionality and aesthetics. 



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Nestled in the Okanagan region, you’ll discover a stunning residence featuring a surface-mounted picket railing on the stairs and lower deck section. The middle deck boasts a sleek fascia-mounted 42″ high 10mm glass railing system with 30″ high posts, while there are two convenient gates for tram access. Finally, the top deck also showcases a fascia-mounted 42″ high 10mm glass railing system with 30″ high posts, adding a touch of elegance to this beautiful home.

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In the heart of the Okanagan, amidst the breathtaking scenery, you can discover The West 61 Project. This exceptional site features a 42″ high fascia mounted 5mm glass system, with a total of 5 buildings and over 2500 lineal feet of picket railings beautifully integrated into retaining walls. 

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This 6 Story, Argus built, project consists of 5 floors of Multi Family living, a common rooftop patio and commercial space on the ground floor. The railings on the Multi Family portion are 42″ high fascia mounted picket railings and 5mm glass railings on the common rooftop area. The commercial level is outfitted with surface mount 42″ high picket and 36″ high handrail.

Our Process

Step 1: Proposal Build

DK Railings provides clients with detailed information on available railing options, exceeding their initial expectations. Supplying pictures and multiple quotes to offer a variety of choices.

Step 2: Budget Estimation & Site Measurement

DK Railings offers budget estimates based on sketches or builder drawings for clients in the planning phase. Schedules a site measurement to gather precise project data. Provides a firm quote within 24-48 hours after the site measurement.

Step 3: Client Specifications - Order Confirmation & Production

The client confirms the order by providing a deposit. The project enters the production phase, where railings are custom-made to client specifications.

Step 4: Scheduling Installation

Installation timing is determined based on various factors, and DK Railings works to expedite the process. If glass is needed, it is ordered to fit the site after the railing posts are installed. Once railings and any required glass are ready, DK Railings proceeds with the installation.

Step 5: Post-Installation Support

The client inspects the completed work after installation. Upon satisfaction with the final result, the client makes the final payment. DK Railings remains available to assist with any future needs or inquiries related to the installed railings.

Project Completion

This process ensures transparency, choice, and quality throughout the client's railing project, from inquiry to successful completion.

Full Payment Upon Completion