Aluminum is the perfect material to construct railings, it’s superior to wood since it won’t twist or warp with exposure to moisture or sunlight, and it requires far less upkeep. It is also superior to other metals because it won’t absorb any moisture, and therefore won’t rust or crack. Aluminum is a lightweight and versatile material, which means it is easy to transition from different types of railing systems within the same job – so you could easily utilize a glass system on your deck, and transition seamlessly into a picket system down the stairs.

If you have a sketch or are capable of making one it will add to the specificity of your quote. Feel free to just round to the nearest foot.

Our 9 traditional colours are carefully selected to match the majority of design palettes and make your selection process easy. 

Please note: Colours may not be an exact representation. To see true colours, please see actual material samples under proper lighting conditions. Should you require a colour outside of these options, we offer custom colour options – but please be aware any custom colour jobs will incur added cost and time to powder coat correctly.

A member of our team can offer you guidance on factors to consider when selecting a railing system, such as aesthetics, durability, maintenance, and compliance with building codes. Feel free to reach out!

Our team can provide you information on the maintenance requirements for your railing project and our maintenance services. They can also explain the warranty terms and conditions for your railing project, including coverage and duration.

Topless glass railing systems remove the top rail to avoid any obstacles in your line of sight. They are the best on the market for a sleek, luxurious appeal. Traditional glass railings are framed on the top and bottom to provide extra stability and allows us to install a thinner sheet of glass.

Glass railing system provides a contemporary look and allows you to enjoy the view, it also provides an element of wind protection. It can act as a barrier so that when you are lounging on your deck in any season, the breeze does not affect you like it would with a picket system. 5mm tempered glass is a more cost-effective solution and is used in our traditional, framed glass railing systems. 10/12mm tempered glass is a premium, luxury option that offers a more modern, uninhibited view.