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Unlike our competition, we measure your site ourselves without any middlemen. We do it all from sale to install, so our work is done correctly the first time.

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& Installers

As both project managers & installers of this business, you can be assured our work is done with integrity and attention to detail on every project.

Locally raised,
Locally sourced

Being born and raised in Kelowna, we stand by our work and source our materials from local vendors.

Expertise &

We have years of experience in the industry. We've handled everything from smaller residential projects to large commercial developments.

Railings are some of the first things that people notice when visiting a home or business. Trust us to add some stunning lipstick and rouge to make a great first impression!

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Sales & Installation

We work closely with multiple railing distributors and wholesalers, who supply us with premium engineered railing systems. Allow our team to help you select the best fit for your project. Interior or Exterior? Aluminum or Glass? There's no restrictions or architecture we can't handle, which helps us provide the perfect railing for any job.

Expert Advice

As experienced professionals, we are available to homeowners and builders on how to best prepare their new deck for a safe & secure railing system. Our main concern is to ensure that our clients have all the support we can provide.

Safety First

As family men, rest assured your family's safety is a top priority.


DK Colours

Our railings are available in a wide range of specifically selected colours to match your palette design preferences with ease.


At DK Railings, we strive to be the solution for all your railing needs. We hold ourselves accountable and are very good at what we do. Our team works with you from the moment you consider building until we shake hands on a job well done.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dax and Ty are just fantastic to deal with!
Jason Doell
Jason Doell
Dax and Kaid of DK Railing are very good. I really would like to recommend their company to everyone. I would say they are very professional and they know well what they are doing. I hired them to do the railing around our facilities, due to a competitive price and good google reviews, and I had a great job delivered!
Rafael Tavares
Rafael Tavares
I can’t say enough about their product! We just love our aluminum fence they installed in our backyard. Dax and Kaid were professional and the installation was absolutely perfect. A great team and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends. Thank you, your fence has just enhanced our backyard and we couldn’t be happier.
Sheila Goldsmith
Sheila Goldsmith
Dax was very prompt and helpful in creating the quotation for our railing, which was complete and competitive. Kaid and his crew where terrific to deal with on the installation. They came when they said they would, were flexible in their scheduling to meet our needs and went out of their way to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends who are looking at replacing or installing new railing systems.
gary Flowers
gary Flowers
Dax and Kaid of DK Railing are just the best! At every turn, they went above and beyond in terms of service and quality of workmanship. Dax in particular, was incredibly helpful in the planning process and my countless questions were always patiently handled with great humour. Kaid’s installation was just perfect- and that compliment is coming from a fussy perfectionist. I can’t say enough about this epic team of true professionals!!
Mary Ann MacIntosh
Mary Ann MacIntosh
I am extremely happy about the work that DK Railings did to my outdoor staircase. They were super nice guys to work with, the 2 brothers and their team, timely and flawless execution. They make my backyard look even better by installing railings like the rest of the house. I highly recommend them.
Alexandre Brabant
Alexandre Brabant
We had DK railing come to install a custom 36” deck railing with 2 gates (lower deck). They were responsive, efficient, and professional. The quality of the work was excellent. We were especially impressed with their problem solving due to our deck not being level. We were happy that they could accommodate this to ensure that our railing is straight! Really appreciate the excellent workmanship, quality, and overall experience.
Mirza Jusunovic
Mirza Jusunovic
Kaid, Dax and the team did a great job with my railings for a very fair price. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again.
Evita Mcconnell
Evita Mcconnell
Dax & crew were very receptive to trying something they hadn't done before. Also, with everyone being so busy, I appreciated the fact that they would take take on, what for them, must have been a relatively small job. Thanks,
Brian Cooke
Brian Cooke
DK Railings far surpassed our expectations with their attention to detail and service. Don
Don Sutherland
Don Sutherland

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Picket Railing System?
Traditional Picket Railing systems are a popular option for everything ranging from small balconies to expansive roof decks. They offer the most flexibility with an extensive range of options with choices of picket size, style, and top-rail alternatives.
2What color posts can I choose from?
Our 9 traditional colours are carefully selected to match the majority of design palettes and make your selection process easy. Please note: Colours may not be an exact representation. To see true colours, please see actual material samples under proper lighting conditions. Should you require a colour outside of these options, we offer custom colour options - but please be aware any custom colour jobs will incur added cost and time to powder coat correctly.
3What is the difference between 5mm and 10/12mm Glass?
Not only does a beautiful glass railing system provide a contemporary look and allow you to enjoy the view, but it also provides an element of wind protection. It acts as a barrier so that when you are lounging on your deck in any season, the breeze does not affect you like it would with a picket system. 5mm tempered glass is a more cost-effective solution and is used in our traditional, framed glass railing systems. 10/12mm tempered glass is a premium, luxury option that offers a more modern, uninhibited view.
4What is the difference between Topless and Traditional Glass Railings?
Topless glass railing systems remove the top rail to avoid any obstacles in your line of sight. They are the best on the market for a sleek, luxurious appeal. Traditional glass railings are framed in on the top and bottom to provide extra stability and allows us to install a thinner sheet of glass.

10mm Topless Glass System

5mm Glass System

Please be aware that some municipal building codes may dictate the use of a cap on top of the topless systems – and the codes are subject to change.
5What is 'Fascia' mounting? How is this different than a standard mount?
Fascia mounting is a method of mounting your railing system to the edge of your deck as opposed to the surface. Attaching your railings to the fascia can be a alternative mounting solution in as it avoids penetrating the surface. It also adds the benefit of a slightly expanded deck area, since standard posts would be mounted on the surface.

Fascia Mounted System

Surface Mounted System

6Why use aluminum railings?
Aluminum is the absolute perfect material to construct railings. It is superior to wood in the sense that it will not twist or warp with exposure to moisture or sunlight, and it requires far less upkeep. It is also superior to other metals because it will not absorb any moisture, and therefore won't rust or crack. Aluminum is a lightweight and versatile material, which means it is easy to transition from different types of railing systems within the same job - so you could easily utilize a glass system on your deck, and transition seamlessly into a picket system down the stairs.
7Should I add a sketch to my quote request?
Sure! If you have a sketch or are capable of making one - it will only add to the specificity of your quote. Feel free to just round to the nearest foot. Here's a sample of a simple sketch that would be perfect to include:

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